Chunky coleslaw with toasted almonds, raisins and tofu dressing!


You will need

X2 carrots
X2 courgettes
X4 spring onions
Freeze dried chives
X1 box if firm silken tofu
A handful of sliced almonds for sprinkling
A big handful of raisins
X1 TSP salt
X1/2 TSP garlic granules
X1 TSP onion granules
X1 lemon
A pinch of pepper

It looks like a lot if ingredients but this recipe is literally a walk in the park, a really delicious park.

First grab your key weapon, a potato peeler! (Or a grater if you’re feeling rebellious) Peel the carrots and courgette (skin and all) into a big bowl so you have room to toss that babe around like a beach ball at a nickleback concert.

Snip or slice the onions into thin pieces, throw in the raisins and give it a mix!

Add the tofu, seasonings and lemon juice to a blender and blitz until creamy.

Lightly toast the sliced almonds while you’re mixing everything together, pile high in a fancy pants bowl, scatter with the almonds and chives and scoff.

Happy eating babes x


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