Last week I was asked by the lovely team at Chalk PR if I’d like to sample some products from a few of their clients.


Evolve Beauty is completely Vegan and Cruelty Free and only uses  natural and organic ingredients. Based in Hertfordshire the team only make small batches of their superfood packed products at a time to ensure the highest level of freshness.

I can’t even tell you how stoked I am to delve into this stuff (the Satin Leg Gloss in particular because my pins haven’t seen the light of day for about 7 months. I might even shave my legs for the occasion) (JK I obviously shave my legs.. sometimes..)

I was a super lucky bean and was sent the larger sizes of everything but they also have half portions of everything for half the price too!

Daily Renew Facial Cream (60ml £24.00)

I’ve been REALLY enjoying this face cream. It’s super thick so a little really does go a long way. I’m usually a huge advocate of using only Coconut Oil to moisturise with but I’m really happy know this is all organic and I can tell it’s doing kind stuff to my face. I’ve been using it in the morning about 1/2 an hour before I do my make up and I’ve noticed how smoothly my foundation goes on when I’ve used it too. I swear my face feels a little tighter too, in a good way though, not like a new bra that digs in under the ribs. Oh and it smells like a summer holiday so that really sealed the deal for me. I think you could make the smaller pot last for ages as it’s such a good quality product so if you’re not keen on breaking the bank this one might be your guy http://www.evolvebeauty.co.uk/products/daily-renew-facial-cream-30ml

Radiant Glow Mask (60ml £18.00)

The look of confusion on my dogs face when I came out wearing this dark brown face mask might be my favourite thing about it! It’s definitely not one for taking cute insta snaps with but the product itself (the important part…pay attention) is beautiful. It’s a little tricky to get an even coverage because it’s quite oil heavy but it’s left my skin SO soft! With raw cacao and coconut as the base, not only is it jam packed with anti-oxidants but it’s also one of the best smelling face masks I’ve ever used. (yes I tried to eat some, no you probably shouldn’t)

Satin Leg Gloss (100ml £20.00)

I trialled this guy on my arms as it’s been raining the last few days in Brighton and I was so impressed. It comes out like liquid gold (not the brand of poppers, calm down) so I was a bit unsure of how it would translate onto the skin but it rubs into a gentle shimmer which looks really pretty when it catches the light. It kept my gangly arms moisturised most of the day and the smell is really gorgeous. Absolutely can’t wait to prance about on the beach slathered in this stuff.

Tropical Blossom Body Butter (120ml £16.00)

This isn’t your average body butter. It’s much thicker in consistency to most brands I can think of and it almost seems to melt in your hand. Imagine if a bar of soap and a tub of coconut oil did the nasty and had a baby, that’s the feel I get from it. I put this on as soon as I got out of the shower and dove into my pjs like a silky smooth dolphin.

Tropical Blossom Body Polish (180ml £20.00)

This was the final product I tried and again was hit immediately by the stunning smell. You put it onto dry skin and gently massage any weird bits of dead skin away and when you’re done you wash it off with warm water and it kind of turns into milk. Leaving your skin super soft and smelling like a tropical princess. I’m sold.


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