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Since discovering H&M homeware a while ago, it’s rapidly become my favourite place to find the latest homeware trends. Unfortunately H&M homeware isn’t available in Brighton but it is available online 😀 goodbye credit, hello debit.

Always on top with beautiful patterns and colours, the newest line hasn’t failed to impress. I’ve also noticed that they move very quickly and don’t milk the latest fads yet they manage to stay totally on point.Well don’t H&M, well done.

So what have I got my beady little eyes on?

Collage_Fotor1. Small Wire Basket £12.99

The vision I have for this guy in my humble abode would either be as a fruit bowl sitting on our lovely dark wood stained coffee table or in the bathroom making the bog roll look fancy. Obviously this isn’t a basket for keeping anything small in (like skittles, marbles or a pet mouse) but I like how exposed it is.

2. Printed Porcelain Mug £6.99

It’s no secret that I love cats. I’m obviously obsessed with the newest addition to our family (Our Romanian rescue pup, Sophia who is honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever met) but having grown up with cats and knowing their funny little habits, I still smirk when I see anything feline related. So if you put them on a beautifully shaped porcelain mug with a gold trim, you have my attention.

3. Porcelain mug £4.99

I never knew that a mug with a crab on would steal my heart, but news just in, it has. I bloody love a good mug and I bloody love a good crab (not to eat.. obviously hellloooo) I know this cheeky little chap would make my morning all the more brighter, especially with some piping hot joe in it. I’m also willing to bypass the fact that this crab looks seriously cooked.

4. Patterend Cushion Cover £7.99

As much as I wanted the new flat to be less busy than the last one, I’m also a complete sucker for bold prints like this. I actually already have a similar cushion to this so I won’t be purchasing this one but boy oh boy do I love it. They also have it in white which is a little less loud. I’d have a few of them scattered around in the imaginary sun room which I don’t have in my house…. YET.

5. Small Porcelain Bowl £4.99

This tiny bowl got my little heart fluttering at first glance. I’m a big fan of the latest dalmatian print craze so with a hint of it in gold it was all eyez on the prize. A few of them would be super cute for serving desserts in (heart eyes emoji).

6. Patterned Cushion Cover £3.99

I recently bought two of these babies in grey with a slightly different pattern and they look so beautiful on the sofa, they’re also massive and really soft. I’m in the market for a second two as you can’t really beat the price of these with the quality and size. These also come in mustard yellow and dark grey but I’m totally into spicing things up in the living room with these emerald babes.

7. Patterned Cotton Rug £19.99

This cotton rug comes in dusty pink or grey, I’m all about grey at the moment although the pink one does have a certain charm to it. At only 70×140 it’s not massive and would be better suited to going under a coffee table than as a statement piece but it’s super cute none the less! It’s also available in 70×200 if you’re after a longer one (ooooh matron)

8. Scented Candle in Metal Holder £7.99

I’m so into anything that looks like it’s come from a scrap yard at the moment. This rough exposed metal exterior with the super simple brown paper print on it is ticking all the right boxes for L. Buffs. Also, green tea and bergamot sounds really grown up and I think I might be a real life grown up now.

9. Large Scented Candle £12.99

Similarly to the metal holder of the last candle, I love the simplicity of this. It’s also available in a smaller size for half the price. With 3 wicks this feels like the ideal bath time candle with scents of a pine forrest to help you drift into daydream land (not actual dream land, sleeping in the bath is very dangerous guys, keep it together).

Now if someone would like to wire me some cash immediately, i’ll be on my way.

Ciao for now,

Leila xxxx


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