Summer Fashion Love List


Tie dye frill arms cold shoulder dress black  £22.00 (Missguided)

I AM IN LOVE. Finding a summery dress which is predominately black (goth lyfe 5eva) can sometimes be a bit of a struggle but when you find gem like this, the universe suddenly aligns. Clingy, tight dresses are absolutely NOT the one for me in the summer, I want to float about with the cool Brighton breeze and the wind in my hair. Not spend the day shuffling through the over-crowded lanes keeping my arms clamped to my sides to avoid sweat patch exposure. I feel like I could sweat to my hearts content in this dress and no one would suspect a thing. Perfect.

ASOS TALL FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans In Washed Black with Busted Knees£35.00 (ASOS)

Luckily for us Brits, the summer is pretty crap, so there’s no need to banish jeans just yet. It also makes me feel a little better about lusting over these ASOS babies. Even the hint of bootleg at the bottom has me swooning, and believe me swoon and bootleg are not usually two words I would put together.

Herschel Supply Co Post Backpack £55.00 (ASOS)

Yes this guy is on the pricey side but it’s also fabulous. I’ve wanted one of these backpacks since about 2009 but parting with £55.00 for anything is a struggle for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put it in my basket and then emptied it over the years. Maybe this year will be the one that I take the leap, now I’ve got a little pup I could really do with a better quality bag to carry all the poop bags (empty ones obvz) in, ya know?!

Quilted Shiny MA1 Bomber Jacket £60.00 (TopShop)

I’ve always loved a bomber jacket, even when they weren’t fashionable, like a particular camo one I was obsessed with at college.. but that’s another story for another time…. So you can imagine my DELIGHT when they started making an apperance again. I’ve already got two black ones (excessive, I know, but ones warm and ones really light weight sooooo) and I’m looking to extend the family. Imagine this guy with a pair of black skinny jeans and black nikes.. MAMA MIA!

Crochet Vest £26.00 (TopShop)

Get ready to welcome the summer breeze in this top. Crochet seems to be the perfect way of wearing something whist also pretty much wearing nothing and it being totally acceptable. This simple little number has the thumbs up from me. Whether its thrown on over a black bikini top or even a with a little crop underneath it’ll add a nice bit of texture to your outfit.

Denim t-shirt dress indigo  £35.00 (Missguided)

I’ve always been a real sucker for pale & distressed denim, whether it’s dungarees, shirts or dresses you have my attention but that shit’s gotta be faded, if you ever dare to present me with a dark blue denim I’ll never look you in the eye again. Although denim might seem a little heavy for a really hot day, I think this would be perfect on one of those annoying days where the weather can’t make up it’s mind. You can also really display your fabulous pins. I can see this guy teamed with a little pair of white converse ❤






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