A Day at Devil’s Dyke

The absolute beauty of being my own boss is that I can plan my work around my play. Being the militant weather checking freak that I am, I usually try to work out the best days to plan activities in the sun and if that means pulling an all-nighter in the kitchen then SO BE IT!

Naturally, I leapt at the chance to go for a cruise along to Devil’s Dyke in the beautiful Sussex countryside with my pal Libby, Sam and the pooch when I spied a sunny day


It only takes about 15 minutes to drive there from our little gaff and Sophia quite likes being in the car, so with the windows down and California on blast (Blinks new record, if you haven’t already got it you’re a buffoon and I don’t want to know you) we scooted up there in the sunshine.


I’ve always been a bit obsessed with colour, which is strange because I mostly wear black. Bright flowers are my weakness and although they’re not everywhere on the dyke, you find occasional little bursts of them which really gets me going. Lololol. Srsly tho.


Here I was lying in wait to see if either Sam or Libby would notice I was missing.. no one noticed or gave a shit either way, which was disappointing.



The views up there are insane, these photos don’t even begin to do the place justice and the whispy clouds in the blue sky made it look all the more stunning.



Soaking up dem rays like its my job. And yes, that’s my bra because I was an idiot who over-dressed for the heat.


Just before the little rascal dove into a massive, fresh cowpat. When I still loved her.


After the cow pat. After I loved her. Luckily she managed to totally soak the side of her harness in the poo as well as her collar so that was really, really cool. On the plus side, we got this super cute collapsable bowl from eBay that just folds up into a little disk and is super lightweight for my bag 😀


Gang ❤


I always forget that sam was foolish enough to have my name carved into his leg. He’s going to look like a right pillock when I run off with Ryan Gosling and Tom Hardy (preferably at the same time). Kinda cute though.


There’s also a really nice pub grab a drink in, we didn’t this time as Sophia would’ve cleared the place out with her stench of cow poo but we’ve eaten there before and there’s a pretty mean burger which can be made vegan with a few tweaks. DON’T get the Quinoa salad though, it’s super bland and a bit crap.


You would think the fact that I’ve been blogging since 2009 and studied photography at college and uni might suggest I could take a photo without including my thumb. Turns out I can’t. *hangs head in shame*.


When we got home we decided to dust off the old girl (the BBQ, not me) and have our pals round for dinner. DON’T PANIC, I vlogged it, so you’ll get to see all the treats I made in the next day or so.

Until next time amigos,

Leila xxx


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