An Evening at Morelli Zorelli

Sam and I have been patiently awaiting the re-opening of this incredible pizza joint since it shut for refurbishment a few months ago. Their vegan pizza menu is INSANE and very reasonably priced. There’s something for everyone whether you eat meat, veggie or vegan so it’s an excellent place to go with a big group but they also deliver around Brighton and Hove. YAAAAAAS SMELL YA LATER SUMMER PHYSIQUE.


I’ve always thought the interior in MZ was pretty cool but they’ve totally re-vamped it and now you can tell they know they’re good at what they do, which is no bad thing, it definitely has more of a specialist feel to it!


It’s always been a bit dark downstairs compared to the bright and airy shop-front seating but I’m a total sucker for the new lighting and having a big mirror on the wall makes them seem to go on forever! They’ve definitely played the cosy card but with a modern twist offering a wall of graffiti on the other side.



I started the evening off right with a BREWDOG Vagabond Pale Ale which I’m a huge fan of. I’ve only ever had the PUNK IPA and this is similar but a little more floral, it also happens to be gluten free!

The Menu!



We all started with the Rosemary, Garlic and Sea Salt fries which were SO GOOD! I love a crispy well seasoned chip and this is exactly what I got, the perfect balance of my favourite flavours.


All the veggie pizzas can be made vegan and you even get to choose between Cheerly or  Veganic cheese. I always pick Veganic because I think it melts better mmmmmmm. I went for the Vegan Meat Feast because I’m a big, fat mock hog. Next time I’m definitely going to have the BBQ Chicken and the time after that I might make an exception and have the Artichoke.


Apologies for the slightly over-exposed photo, as I said it’s pretty dark down there and I wasn’t about to be the loser taking a photo of my food with my flash on in a small restaurant.

This pizza was a masterpiece, a super crispy, chewy crust and a light doughy base. I’m always a bit of a wimp with my pizza crusts as I struggle eating so much bread but Sam very kindly offered to help me out… and they say romance is dead!

We opted out of dessert as we were all so full but they offer a Vegan Salted Caramel brownie and ice cream, which I’ll no doubt soon have an encounter with.

We sunk another couple of BREWDOG’s and headed out with very full and happy tummies!


Until next time Morelli, you have my heart and stomach.

Also couldn’t resist snapping this beautiful pastel sky over Hove on our walk home, excellent end to an excellent evening.


You can find Morelli Zorelli HERE


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