Suite One Studio

I stumbled across the incredible work of this North Carolina based Ceramicist, Lindsay Emery on Instagram about a year ago and I’m constantly falling in love with her pieces. I’m always on the look out for beautiful tableware as it makes photographing my food a lot more fun and when I read this on Lindsay’s About Me page it made me love her even more…

” I believe that your plates should earn their seat at your table, and that together we can make mealtimes everywhere more beautiful.”

The girl knows what she’s doing! While her work remains at the upper end of my budget (totally out of my budget), I’m more than happy to lust from a far until I eventually win the lottery and can buy it all.

So here are a few of the pieces that have stolen my heart. I’ve converted the price from dollars to pounds because I’m kind and lovely. Click the title and it’ll take you straight to the item!

Ring Dish in Cobalt Splatter with Gold Rim (£24.28)


Confetti Mini Bowl in Rose with Gold Brushstroke Confetti (£24.28)


Small Serving Bowl in Navy with Gold Splatters (£53.12)


Dessert Plates in White with Gold Splatter (set of two) (£48.56)




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