New Years Resolutions

Every year we try to set ourselves New Years Resolutions- but how many of us actually stick to them? My feeling is that most of this comes from setting unachievable goals. It doesn’t matter how big or small they were, if we didn’t do them, they were unachievable.

We see a new year as a good time for change, a good time to re-adjust all the things we don’t like about ourselves and somehow simply saying that we’re going to change things makes us feel better- short term. We also feel obliged to make a resolution because everyone does it, but if we felt that strongly about the change at hand, why would we need to wait for a new year? People often set dates as a way of procrastinating, I’m guilty as sin of it myself. The problem with sticking to resolutions, is there’s no consequences if we find that we actually can’t bothered after all.

We feel the need to create rules for our resolutions, for example “Once a month, I’m going to….” or “By this time next year I want to…” and by doing this, we’re almost setting ourselves up to fail.

The way I’m going to approach things this year is to take a long, hard look inside myself, into the bits that no-one sees (not even me) the bits that we’re all afraid to delve into and the reasons why we avoid “going too deep”or speaking to councillors, and start to work out who I truly am and what my soul needs. That might sound selfish but as much as the ego wants to be loved and to receive, the soul wants to love and to give.

If you’re doing something that REALLY makes you happy- it’s not a chore so it becomes far more achievable.


I believe there’s an equilibrium where you can do something that makes your heart sing and also makes the world a better, brighter place to live in. So don’t be fooled into thinking that your resolution needs to start in the new year, or that it needs to be a grand gesture, whether it’s putting litter in the bin, making your friends laugh or deciding to be more open-minded with those you don’t understand- it’s making things better. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the feeling you get from doing these things, it’s ok to feel proud of yourself and it’s so important to show yourself love. It doesn’t matter how little or often you do these things, if you find a feeling of fulfilment from them, they’ll flow into your life more naturally.


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